Analyse your “self analysis”

Self analysis is a wonderful habit to develop but you know how shaitan promised to come and attack us humans in whichever way he could… so even while you are on the path of goodness you are not safe from his attacks…

So you will see that when you are analysing yourself and your activities in order to make the necessary corrections and become the best slaves of Allah… you will notice that sometimes this activity becomes a cause for you to go down instead of going up on the ladder of success.

The reason is that the shaitan makes us over anxious about our errors… and although that is a good thing in itself to be aware of your faults but the trick of the shaitan is that he will make you depressed and hopeless that such deep rooted problems of the heart cannot be cured…

And he knows so well that all he needs to do is to make you miserable and hopeless… then it is his success that we are left with no energy to work… no energy to do anything positive or productive… and the next step is that he will deceive you into thinking that since you are feeling so down so why not fulfil some desire to make yourself feel good… why not have a snack… maybe a chocolate? Or why not have a nap… or maybe go shopping? Or chat on the phone or play a game on the internet…

So what do you expect? Would you feel better after wasting your precious hours on activities that don’t take you even a step forward in the path that you want to walk on… the path of guidance… the path of success?

Of course not… but then why do we listen to him?

And what’s the alternative? How do we stop feeling bad?

Should we just be unconcerned with our flaws and be happy in whatever state we are in? Forget all about self improvement? Is that the right way to go?

But surely that would lead us in a totally different kind of destruction… because if we don’t even see our flaws then how are we ever going to feel guilty… or ask forgiveness from Allah or make amendments?

The good news is that right in the middle of these two extremes is the balanced way of thinking… and that is to admit our flaws but also recognize the good things which Allah has blessed us with… because if you only see the negative and keep complaining why I am like this or why was I such a fool to make that blunder etc then in other words that is a kind of complaint against Allah… you make it seem like He did not hold your hand… or He did not give you any guidance whatsoever. And we all know that that is not the case…

His blessings are as endless as we can ever imagine. And out of his infinite mercy he has given us some good habits as a gift… some knowledge of right and wrong… some intellect to understand his message… some taufeeq to worship him… even if none of it is perfect yet we cannot say that we don’t have even the least of faith or character…

The reason why it is important to acknowledge these good things that he allowed us to have; is that it gives us hope and strength… when we realize that he gave us this one good habit then it increases our hope that he will give us the other good characteristics too… if he gave us tawfeeq to do this one good deed then he can guide us to more and more…

And I am sure that if we can see the complete picture… and praise Allah for the good things and at the same time feel guilt and remorse for the bad… then InshaAllah this positive thinking will enable us to see how we can compensate for the bad that we have done… and also how can we increase and build upon our good deeds.

If our analysis is free from arrogance and self praise then it should also be free from excessive self blame and hopelessness.

This correct balance is the prerequisite for moving forward on the path of Allah’s pleasure… so that we can worship him with love, with happiness, with gratitude, with humbleness… and with hope and enthusiasm.

May Allah give us all that we need to make Him most pleased with us… ameen


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