Convert your job into a Blessing

The story of the distracted doctor (about which I have written in my previous post) taught me something very important which I had not seen in that light before…

I tried to figure out exactly why I was so bothered about people not paying attention to their work… After all there are things that get done on a subconscious level like walking, cooking or driving… you don’t pay attention to each and every step or turn… the skill you develop enables you to move forward without being totally conscious about it.

So what is so wrong with a doctor writing your prescription automatically… without thinking?

The reason is that there are some things which need the special attention and involvement of our heart… like a doctor assessing the problem of the patient… or a teacher giving knowledge to the students… or the mother taking care of her child…

Because these are not mechanical jobs… they require love, compassion, feeling… you need to love these jobs… because these are not “jobs”… they are commitments that you are supposed to honour and care for… not just with being there physically but to be present with your heart and soul…

And so when I was praying salah the next morning… and was not feeling “into it”… and then it hit me… wasn’t I also performing my duty of praying to Allah exactly in the same distracted way? Like a job? Like a skill?

I realized that even though I was standing in prayer but my mind was not focused… I was just physically standing and letting out a stream of well memorized words without even thinking what I was saying and to whom?

In all the duties that we perform whether in worship or in the hospital or a school or whatever… mostly we are just concerned with fulfilling the routine… not caring whether the purpose of that routine is being achieved or not?

The purpose of a doctor is not just to sit in the office and get through a certain number of patients in a day… nor is the purpose of the teacher to just get through so many lectures… nor is the purpose of the student to fill his book with notes… nor is the purpose of salah to go through a specific number of rakahs…

These are just routines… disciplines… that are important only because the purpose cannot be achieved without a certain routine… but still the fact remains that our goal should be to achieve the real purpose… the objective.

And this demands our hundred percent attention and focus… and for this we need to be aware of ourselves… our motives and our thoughts. Of course we as humans tend to be easily distracted but the point is: are we fighting these distractions or inviting them?

Each one of us is responsible for his or her work and it cannot be satisfactory if we think of our job or our salah as burden… rather it is a gift from Allah that He has given us this honour of being his believer… and so everything we do in life should be seen as a precious opportunity and whenever we feel tired or bothered by the hard work then we must think of those who are deprived from this blessing and are looking for jobs… or deprived from the true faith and feeling lost and empty because they have not recognized their Lord…

May Allah help us to remain in the right perspective and enjoy the blessings of the work which Allah enables us to do… ameen


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