Duty or favour or hardship?

A couple of days back I had to go for my routine medical check-up. When I reached the hospital I was directed to the new block which has been recently built according to the latest standards… what a great change it was from old structure… everything gleamed from the floors to the ceilings… simply dripping with extravagance…

As always I feel sad when I see such things because my mind goes to the billions of people suffering for lack of even the basic needs of life… how can we be so blind that we invest so much resources on one place and forget all the others?

Anyway when I entered the doctor’s office, there was another doctor having a chit chat about their personal affairs. I waited for them to finish before I could talk to one of them. But even when she turned her attention to me it was apparent that her mind was occupied with her friend… and as she was filling out my prescription form, they kept on with their chat… while I was still in shock at this unprofessional attitude, there entered a small child holding the hand of his servant… apparently this was some grandchild of the doctor and she forgot all about the prescription and started playing with the child on her lap fiddling with her computer and other things… I stood up to leave when the other doctor sensed my discomfort and offered to sign my forms which were now totally forgotten by the playful grandma and her baby…

As I walked out of the office I thought I should go and complain about this shocking irresponsibility and disregard of duty… but then I decided that it was not good to talk when in anger so maybe it should be delayed until some other day when I am calm and composed enough…

Anyway that scene got stuck in my mind and won’t leave me even though I tried to tell myself that it wasn’t such a big issue. But I was furious that while we spend so much money on raising structures… why can’t we spend a little effort to raise the characters of the people who are going to operate in these buildings?

I am sure if I had gone to launch a complaint they would have thought that I was crazy to expect any seriousness of purpose from our people… after all they are doing their work aren’t they? Toiling hard all day long… surely they deserve a little break now and then… so what if it happened to be during the duty hours… after all they are just humans… that too women! So what if the nurse at the laboratory acted as if I was causing a disturbance in the game she was playing on her phone? She didn’t refuse to take my blood sample; did she? And what’s such a big deal if the staff in the other room were having oranges and putting the peels on the table? And why should I be so disturbed that the person on the reception desk was so busy watching the flat screen TV newly installed for the pleasure of this entertainment-hungry nation… and so he lost a form of one patient who had been fasting to give his blood sample and had to spend precious time in finding his lost papers… that too in the state of hunger!

The problem is that from my own spoilt self to my servant… from the sweeper to the washing maid… from the doctor to the nurse… from the rich to the poor… we all think like we are doing a big favour on humanity by spending our time on our jobs… and when duty is thought of as a “favour” then obviously we demand more than we give… and we need to constantly entertain ourselves so as to compensate for the hardship that has been imposed on us in the form of whatever duty we have to perform. So what if we need to play with our phones even while driving while at the same time listening to loud music? After all we are humans… but are we?


2 thoughts on “Duty or favour or hardship?

  1. This is such an insightful post. My shaykh always says that we people are so busy building big and beautiful buildings but where are the people who are working on beautifying their souls? Becoming a better human being on the inside is what we should focus on.

    • thanks for reading and sending your precious feedback… I really learn a lot from your comments too!!
      jazakAllah khairan kaseera

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