Is it a “want” or a “need”?

Today I woke up with a terrible headache accompanied by nausea… it seemed like the dinner I had last night was the cause of it. Maybe I ate it later than I should have… or maybe I should have eaten less…

Well this is nothing extraordinary… things like this keep happening to us so we should bear them with patience… BUT isn’t there something else too which we should be doing? I mean either we go screaming our agonies to one and all and making life a burden by complaining all the time how much we are suffering… or else we keep quiet and bear the pains… with patience.

But is patience such a lifeless thing? Does it mean just to quietly endure? When I contemplated on this I found that this quietness and endurance is on the outside… but there is also an inner patience in which one focus on the root of the problem… like in my case I should focus on what makes my digestion go wrong? Is there any wrong food in my diet? Or is my way of eating not correct… or maybe the timing is wrong?

Why all this analysis on a simple little thing like eating?

Because of course all our activities depend on our health and our health is directly affected by our food habits.

Our problem is that we just eat according to our “wants” instead of our “needs”. And you can see that wants are triggered by the nafs while to evaluate your needs you have to use your intellect…

Most people would say they really do need the amount of food that they eat… but the fact is we never doubt our desires… and act as a slave in front of a demanding master.

So if you would really like to check yourself then next time you eat just do this small exercise… from your platter full of food, transfer one third on to another dish and keep it in the oven or fridge to eat later. Then see if you remember to eat it?

Most probably not… specially if you go for a walk after the meal… or get busy doing some project… or even some pleasurable activity…

Why you will not remember because your body will not give you the signal of hunger… why? Because its need was less than what you had on your plate… so if you do this a few times and keep lessening the amount, you will be able to find out exactly how much you really need to eat.

Just imagine how much our stomachs would be grateful to us for giving them only as much food to digest as needed… and our bones would be so happy to carry only that amount of weight which they were made for…

It all depends on whether you can ponder the difference between want and need… and whether you can judge where are your signals coming from: your desires or your wisdom?


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