Transforming wishful thinking into productivity…

If you dream of improving yourself to become a better human being… a better muslim… a better member of the society… then you must not let these dreams go waste. Because Allah gave you this intellect and understanding for a purpose. He did not favour you so that you go around feeling superior than others just because you have a different turn of mind. Rather his favours demand extra hard work from you…

Gratitude is not just to be happy that you have received some blessing… but to use that blessing in the best way is real thankfulness to Allah.

The ability to dream and to make good intentions is also a great gift from Allah but it will benefit us only when we pray and work hard to act on them for the sake of Allah, with the help of Allah and seeking reward ONLY from Allah…

So what are the dreams and wishes that you have? Just writing them down in a list can be the first step towards success… So are you willing to take this step today… now??


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