Wishes and Wishful thinking…

On one hand we see that wishing to do something good with your life so as to benefit your own self as well as other people is a virtuous act… even though no action is attached to it in the beginning… it is just an action of the heart… but just to have the desire for some good deeds is highly rewarding both in this world and the hereafter… why? Because wishes and desires are the base of your actions… you think good and so you will do good… which will result in more good ideas followed by more action and so on… so we can say that a good desire is like a seed which can grow into a beneficial tree which will in turn produce more seeds and more trees…

But then there is that other thing called wishful thinking… which is not at all recommended… why? After all it is also full of good wishes… sincere wishes… of doing something great with this short span of life.

Why is it condemned?

The fact is that there is a difference in both the attitudes and we need to understand it and not be deceived by thinking of both to be the same… because their result goes in totally opposite directions.

So how will you know whether your desires are true and worthy of reward from Allah?

If your desires are true and sincere then these will be followed by a series of planning and efforts plus duas to Allah.

On the other hand wishful thinking is just an illusion of imagination where you keep on day dreaming but you don’t plan anything, nor make any worthwhile effort which can be measured…

Wishful thinking keeps you satisfied with your life as it is…

While true desires will keep you restless until you do your utmost struggle to do something…

Not all good intentions can be materialized but if you have done sincere struggle then Allah will reward you despite there being no visible outcome…

The real thing is sincerity… and sincerity is not stagnant… it will keep you on your toes… and you will never stop asking Allah… till the last breath.


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