The foundation of all goodness…

Talking about over-talkativeness… makes me wonder am I saying more than is required…? But when I analyzed it I reached the conclusion that the importance of this topic cannot be over emphasised as Allah has himself said in the great Surah Ar-Rahman:

The Merciful… taught the Quran… created man… and taught him to speak…(55:1-4)

There is no doubt that the ability to speak is the most extraordinary gift which Allah has bestowed upon us and raised our status through it over all other creations. And that is why it is extremely important that we become conscious of its proper use.

And now ponder upon the Hadith in which the Prophet (s.a.w) asked His companion Muadh Bin Jabal:

“Shall I not inform you of the head of the matter, its pillar and its peak?” I said, “Yes, O Messenger of Allah.” He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “The head of the matter is Islam, its pillar is the prayer and its peak is jihad.” Then he (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Shall I not tell you of the foundation of all of that?” I said, “Yes, O Messenger of Allah.” So he took hold of his tongue and said, “Restrain this.” I said, “O Prophet of Allah, will we be taken to account for what we say with it?” He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “May your mother be bereaved of you, O Muadh! Is there anything that throws people into the Hellfire upon their faces — or: on their noses — except the harvests of their tongues?” 

How frightening it is that whatever height of excellence we might achieve in our worship… our submission… our prayers… and even doing utmost struggle to uphold the religion… it will all be useless if our speech is not free from evil…

But the problem is that we are most of us so deeply immersed in the sins of the tongue that we no longer recognize them as sins…

But excess of evil does not make it right.

May Allah help us to correct ourselves because it also a Hadith of our Prophet (s.a.w) that every single morning, the various parts of our bodies beg in front of the tongue to save them from destruction… because their fate depends on it…

So we must also be conscious of it every day and especially in the morning imagine your body to be afraid of the tongue lest it should cause them to go towards Allah’s displeasure and punishment.

Maybe this little exercise might cause us to be afraid of it too and we might use it as carefully as we do a sharp knife… or even more than that!!


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