Take a bite…

The most beloved deeds in the sight of Allah are those which are done consistently and forever… even if very small.

This is the meaning of a Hadith which I thought I would never be able to act upon and yet I yearned to apply it in my life… because from day one I realized like it holds the key to happiness and success in life…

The more I think upon these few simple words the more it becomes clear to me that the only way to be successful in any endeavour is to stick to your plans… as they say practise makes perfect so the more you stick to your good habits the more you will gain excellence in your performance.

Also this Hadith gives you a tool to keep the devil away from you… because the shaitan and all his negative ideas can hit you only when you allow a gap for him to enter into your fortress of peace and tranquillity. But if you are constant in your worship and zikr and other good acts then there is no gap left for him to get through to your heart.

But in this age of distraction how do we manage to act on this golden principle? How do we keep the resolutions that we make? At least in my case I loved to make plans and checklists but even though I would be very enthusiastic in the beginning but my enthusiasm would diminish with time and many of my projects would just be left undone… giving me further excuse that it was no good to make a plan because I would not be able to stick to it…

But then I thought about it and found an error which was so obvious but I had never thought about it. Actually the solution or tip to act on the above mentioned Hadith is found in its own words… the last words: “even if very little”

Previously what I used to do was to write and plan the specific routines which I committed to do constantly without a break. Daily before going to bed I would check that list and put a mark in front of all the things I did. As for the things which I could not do I would put a cross.

But now I have realized that putting that cross takes me back a step and I lose my confidence… and my enthusiasm…

So now instead of putting a cross I just do a tiny part of the thing I failed to do in a certain quantity and in its allotted time.

For example if I failed to read a page of duas from a certain book… then what I do is to read just one small dua instead of the whole page. Or if I had to read 2 pages of Quran before sleeping and it has got really late so I will read just 2 lines or even one…

Because it is infinitely better to read one line of Quran than none at all… to read one dua than none at all… Most often the tiny portion you start doing will motivate you into doing more than you thought!

On one hand it gives me deep satisfaction of completing my list without any crosses (to make me cross with myself…) and on the other hand it makes me even more conscious the next day that I must do each of the task in its entirety and in its proper time slot.

So my enthusiasm has no chance to go down… Alhamdulillah… as long as I don’t allow a gap for the shaitan to come and spoil my happiness of worshipping Allah…

So to sum it all up you just got to take a few steps:

1- Make do-able goals… and break them into bite-size slots

2- Strive your utmost to stick to them

3- Even if you cannot complete a whole task… at least take a small bite…

These small bites will keep your taste and appetite intact and attract you into taking more and more of it forever!!!


5 thoughts on “Take a bite…

    • Glad to know that you found my ideas beneficial… jazakAllah khairan for reading my articles regularly and for sending me feedback too… I cannot resist asking whether you read my post that I re-blogged after 5 yrs… titled Friday and a glimpse of al-qiyamah?

  1. Jazaakaa Allahu khayran, for this very well written article with great advice!!!

    I will apply these ideas in shaa Allah, and I would like to share, if you did not meet your goals always acknowledge why and how this happened.
    And always remember that if Allah has given you another day to live, this is another chance to achieve all that you aspire to.
    Everybody has equal struggles in attaining success and no Muslim should feel cross or disheartened with themselves, just feel the disappointment of not been able to achieve that goal and turn to Allah for help and try again.

    Thank you sister for all your wonderful advice and inspiration, may Allah bless you and your family. And may Allah grant all the believers the ultimate success in this world in the hearafter.

    • mashaAllah your words are really effective and have given me a new angle to think over… thanks and jazakAllah khairan:)

  2. I have read this article ‘Friday and a glimpse of al-qiyamah’ and it was an amazing story!!
    Very deep, it really made me think about my relationship with Allah and my own reactions to life’s test. Thank you for reblogging I have only come across your blog recently.

    Jazaakaa Allahu khayran sister

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