Friday and a glimpse of Al-Qiyamah (re-blog from 4-12-2009)

The Seekers Path

Last year I learned in a lecture that Friday is a day in which we should be extra conscious about the hereafter because Allah created Adam (a.s.) on Friday, sent him on the earth on Friday and Qiyamat (the end of the world) will also come on a Friday. So Friday should be a day in which we should pray extra hard, send lots of durood on the Prophet (s.a.w) and do lots of Istighfaar (asking Allah’s forgiveness). Since then I have been trying to give special attention to this day… but I had never dreamed that Friday 4th dec 2009 will remain etched in my memory forever…

It began as a very good day for me as Allah gave me the opportunity to talk to him in the last part of the night. There is a window in my bedroom through which I love to look at the…

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