Is the “harmless” talk really harmless?

Coming back to the topic of speech and the evils of using it out of balance made me think of three different areas of speech:

1- The beneficial speech: like giving good advice or counselling… calling people to Allah… sharing with them the message of Quran and Hadith… etc… being kind to them… giving them comfort and solace of gentle words of hope and encouragement.

2- The Harmful speech: like making false statements… backbiting… spreading rumours… making direct or indirect insults… taunts… ridicule… shameless talk etc

The above two can be easily recognized and so we can stay away from the harmful and engage in the beneficial… BUT life is mostly spent talking about the neutral things… like discussing the weather… telling stories of how you spent the day… discussing the prices… the trends… the traffic… the problems of life… discussing family events… weddings and parties or what she said and what he did etc

Now even if these discussions are free from harmful elements… which is rare… but even if you are successful in holding back the bad opinions and the grudges etc… still it is a big time waster which eats away precious moments of life.

A few days back I was talking to some relative on the phone to check after her health etc… she paused after a while and said; “I must say goodbye now because obviously your “balance” must be going down!”

I knew she was referring to my mobile credit… and even though I was impressed by her thoughtfulness yet I felt so sad that even good ladies like her are only worried about the balance remaining in the phone… and do not realize the loss of balance remaining in our allotted time span of life.

The phone companies happily offer you deals of talking for hours for a little amount of money… but can they compensate you for the lost hours?

That is why Allah doesn’t like us to waste time on even “neutral” talks because even if we think them as harmless, they are still a hindrance for us to achieve the benefits of life. How can an obstacle in a 100 meters sprint be called harmless… and our life is even shorter than that… if we think about it…


2 thoughts on “Is the “harmless” talk really harmless?

    • JazakAllah khairan:) all good things are from Allah and the mistakes are all mine… this line I understand now that it applies to me… previously I used to think that writers are just being too humble in not taking credit at all. But now I know from experience that every good beneficial word is a gift from Allah which he allows me to type for the benefit of his people…:):) Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin

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