Listen to yourself

Yesterday I attended an online talk on the negative effects of being over-talkative. While I was listening to it, the shaitan tried to distract me by saying that you have learned so much from the Quran and Hadith about this topic so what more can you possibly learn today which you haven’t already heard of..??

But I decided to keep on listening… so he threw in another whisper; bigger than before… “Oh but you have already become so quiet and never talk much anymore… surely you have overcome your old habit… so why would you want any more reminders?”

Still I ignored his comments and listened even more carefully to the lecture and was reminded of all the Quranic and Prophetic teachings on the evils of being a chatterbox. Two things went deep into my heart:

One was the ayat about each and every word being recorded by the angels…

And second was the Hadith that the nearest and dearest to the Prophet (s.a.w) would be the ones with the most beautiful manners and the farthest and most hateful would be the ones who talk a lot…

This made me very conscious and alert about how I talk… and how much I talk?

So the whole time afterwards I became like a silent observer of my talkative self. I was horrified to see that most of the words I uttered were not really needed… and then the other realization was that I was speaking without really giving it a second thought whether it was beneficial or not. Mostly I was just giving vent to my feelings…

But why was there was no barrier between the heart and the tongue? Shouldn’t there be any security system? Someone to check what goes out of this mouth and why? For what purpose? for whose benefit?

How can there be any discipline in such a life where you do what you want and assume that it is alright to do so because you only want good things?

So I learned from this experience that the most learning we need to do is about our own self and its deceptions… we might not learn any new Hadith or ayah but the same Hadith and the same ayah can change our lives when we really put ourselves before them and see what we really are as compared to what we assume about ourselves.

And I feel happy that I have caught the thief who was stealing my time and focus and hence my opportunities for good deeds which I want so much to do for Allah. Now the next step would be to put extra locks and checks on my heart and speech… to ensure that everything remains intact… in sha Allah

So stay tuned for what happens next!!!

Till then watch yourself and listen to what you say…



4 thoughts on “Listen to yourself

    • Most of us know what is wrong but are sadly unaware that we are committing the wrong act… because of not really keeping a close guard over our actions. May Allah help us all

    • yes but better to be scared here than facing the punishment there… As Allah says, whoever fears Allah in this life will be free from fears on the day of resurrection and whoever remains fearless in this world will be full of anguish on that day…

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