Know and do!

The internet has opened vast opportunities for us to learn tips and tricks about all areas of life… knowledge can be had at the click of a button… but then why doesn’t this knowledge reflect in our characters? Why is not apparent in our behaviours towards one another?

In fact knowledge is not just information… but it starts from a deep need within you to do something in the right way and as soon as you are informed about it you take action… and the experience of “knowing plus doing” makes you go through a series of discoveries about yourself and the world around you… which results in the development of your intellect and expertise. This inner growth is called knowledge and it is an ongoing process where “knowing” gets you into “doing” and this leads you to “knowing more” and then “doing more”…. can you imagine how much scope Allah has allowed for us to excel? And yet look at the majority of us… not doing what we know and so knowing even less and doing even less… eventually we even lose the awareness that we are not progressing in life but going down and further down…

We need to wake up from this self deception and really devise a system where we can analyze our progress. For example keep a journal where every day you write what you learned and how you acted on it? It doesn’t need to be an essay of 500 words… but just a couple of sentences to record at least one thing which made you into a better human being today than you were yesterday.

Because we know from a Hadith that the person is doomed whose today is not better than his yesterday…

It means that Allah did not create us to remain stagnant… so either you make efforts to go up or if not then you will surely slide downwards.

One tip I read from which proved to be very helpful for me was the 2-minute rule; in which you are supposed to just start a task for 2 minutes only… and most of the time you will find yourself completing the whole thing just because starting something gives you the energy and momentum to continue more than you thought.

So I challenge you to use this tip and write in a journal for just 2 minutes… surely you can spare such a little amount of time for yourself?


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