Who is the biggest of them all?

Sometimes we want to do things in our lives but the shaitan makes us depressed that it is too late… because creating hopelessness is his favourite tool. He knows that it is the easiest way for us to lose our energy and focus by making us totally miserable about everything.

But you know what? Today someone sent me an email with those timeless images of the different planets and their sizes in comparison with the sun. Although it wasn’t anything new… we have all seen those pics… yet it never fails to surprise me how small this earth is…and how small I am as compared to this universe… And if this universe is so vast then How GREAT must be the Creator Himself?

And when I thought of the greatness of Allah, I realized how important it is for us to always remember how small everything is as compared to His Magnificence. Because only by thinking of Allah’s greatness can we deal with the people and the problems of our lives…

It is a fact that we can use our intellect only when we stop thinking of our problems as HUGE and overpowering… because when we imagine them to be bigger than they really are then it overwhelms our minds and we cannot think of the solutions that are lying right in front of us.

So stop telling yourself how big your problems are

Instead tell your problems how Great Allah is…


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