A few days back a friend called and thanked me for a book I had given her few months back… it was about the journey of Imam Shafi in the path of knowledge… titled “Farzand-e-Haram” by Dr. Akhtar Hussain Azmi.

With great enthusiasm she expressed what a wonderful book it was and how she was deeply motivated by it. Apparently she had assumed that I must have read it first before handing it over to her; so she remarked: “I am surprised why you hadn’t shared anything from it while you were reading it? Surely it must have moved you to say something at least!”

But I really couldn’t remember why I hadn’t read it…

Anyway I got really eager to have this book; so next time I went to the book stall, I looked for it and was too glad to get it at last. And when I started reading it yesterday; I found it to be really great… not just in its content but also the style of narration is such that it makes you want to read more and more…

But my purpose of writing this post in not just to promote the book but in fact I want to highlight the importance of feedback… something that most often we neglect to give! Now if this friend hadn’t called to share her feelings with me; I would not have bought this book again… and would have remained deprived from the inspiration it has filled me with.

It does take some time and effort in telling people how the things which they shared with you had a positive effect in your life… but this simple act of goodness can have far reaching consequences not just on the other person but also on your own heart because of the feelings of gratitude that are emitted from it.

According to the Hadith of our Prophet (s.a.w) when someone gives you a gift then you should return with something better or similar… and if you cannot give anything in return; then praise the gift… because whoever appreciates it has committed gratitude and whoever neglects or hides it has committed ingratitude.


6 thoughts on “Feedback

    • I wanted to say that even though the one who shares must do it only for the sake of Allah and should NOT expect any reward or appreciation… yet the one who receives must be appreciative of both the person who gives and also of Allah who is the one worthy of All Praise and All thanks… JazakAllah khairan for reading my humble posts and giving me your precious feedback too:):)

      • jazakAllah khairan for your encouraging words… I really don’t think I can write upto their standard but I will definitely try soon In Sha Allah:)

      • You definitely can, dear sister. If you send them a first draft, they usually tell you how to improve it. I really liked your post about speaking less and watching what we say. I think that would be a very interesting Productive Muslim article (How to Speak More in Accordance with the Quran and Sunnah)

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