Someone had kept a parrot and taught him to say “la ilahi illallah” so the whole time the parrot would keep repeating these blessed words.

A few days passed and a cat attacked this parrot when it was out of the cage… as soon as the bird saw the cat it started screaming… the man tried to save the bird but it was dead…

This man started weeping and his family was surprised to see an adult crying for a lost bird… “why are you crying so much? After all it was just a parrot…”

“Oh No! My tears are not for the parrot… said the man… rather I am crying for myself… because I don’t know whether my utterance of the words of Allah are from the heart or do I only repeat them like a parrot. Because you see the parrot didn’t once say the Kalima when it was dying… I am worried that if my dhikr is not from my heart then how will I be able to say the Kalima at the time of my death?”


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