The warmth of satisfaction

Quite often we give charity without anything specific in mind… we just give to the needy to fulfil whatever needs they have. Although that is good but to give your money for a specific cause creates a special feeling in the heart which cannot be described in words!!

For example an Islamic institute was being painted in the summers and they put up a box to collect donations for whoever wanted to put in a share for the cost of the paint… and there was another box on the side where you could contribute towards giving refreshing drinks to the workers to save them from being dehydrated.

Now whenever I pass by that building it gives me a unique pleasure to see its beautiful colour and to think that my small share has gone into it… it makes me love Allah to realize that He gave me this opportunity to quench the thirst of labourers working in the heat of the sun…

I could not have done it if there was no one to think and plan the whole idea and make it possible for others to contribute in their noble work. So I thought that whenever we hear about these things then we should spread the information for more and more people to benefit from such opportunities of everlasting pleasure and satisfaction.

One such opportunity is to contribute towards the distribution of Quilts to the poor and needy… just imagine the satisfaction you will feel every time you snuggle into your cosy quilt; when you remember that someone somewhere is able to feel the same warmth because of your contribution!!

Check out the details on the following link:


2 thoughts on “The warmth of satisfaction

    • Actually I think that most people stay away from religion because they think they are not good enough… and this is due to the self righteous attitude of some Muslims who go around as if they are most perfect. I want to change this by letting people know that acting on religion doesn;t make you flawless rather it is the constant efforts to remove your flaws that raises your status with Allah…

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