Nasturtium seeds…

About two months ago we went on a trip to Murree along with our relatives. While we were looking at some flowers, my Aunt saw some seeds scattered underneath the plants; which she gathered in her hand and offered it to me and her sister… “just throw them anywhere and they will grow”…

I was reluctant to accept because of not being very well informed about the secrets of gardening but her sister willingly took the whole lot and put them carefully in her bag…

What a small incident… easy to put aside and forget.

But I was reminded of it yesterday when I went to visit them and she proudly showed me some beautiful leaves growing in her flower pot… she told me, “remember the seeds we took from Murree? They grew so well…”

And my instant thought was that if I had also taken those seeds and planted them they would have grown too…

And then I thought that how many opportunities we discard in life by thinking that we are not good enough to accept them…

And if being an expert is the criteria for accepting any work then how would anyone do anything at all?

So we must drop our lethargy or fears or whatever excuses we have for not trying something new.

No one can guarantee whether the seeds you plant today will blossom or not… but one thing is guaranteed that they will never grow if you don’t take the time to plant them.


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