Use Energy before weakness

When we recognize that only the way of Islam can lead us to everlasting success then we want to follow it completely… but only wanting is not enough rather there are a lot of things that we have to work upon…

lots of old habits to give up so that we can build new ones…

plenty of false ideas to replace with good ones…

lots of grudges in our hearts built over a lifetime of ignorance; which we need to resolve so that we can serve humanity with an open heart…

All of this is an uphill struggle for which we need a lot of energy… and we have to use our best energies to discipline ourselves before weakness overcomes us.

The more we build our strength in youth… the more it will help us when we become weak in old age…

Likewise if you do not push against your love for wealth when you have more than enough to give to others… then you won’t be able to give if you become poor…

If you discipline yourself for Akhirah when you have a lot of time on your hands… then you are more likely to keep working for Allah even when you become tied up in other things…

When you are radiating with good health, that is the time to really strive hard against your nafs and build upon your good deeds… because when you become ill then you will be able to do only that which you have practised so much that now you cannot live without it…

This is what our Prophet has advised us in the famous Hadith… take care of five before five

Your youth before your old age

Your free time before your becoming busy

Your health before your sickness

Your wealth before your poverty

And your LIFE before your death


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