I was wondering why people are not happy no matter what they have… why is there a never ending craze to accumulate more and more of worldly stuff? Why aren’t people satisfied?

Today I was talking to a friend and she said that she was feeling absolutely miserable and disappointed with her life and dreadfully anxious about the future… how would she survive her old age without being dependent on anyone?

I tried to tell her that our insecurity does not come from lack of money or things… but from lack of faith in that ONE support which is permanent and reliable… and that is our Creator and Sustainer… Allah the almighty…

And we lack security because we are looking at wealth and people to be our supports… and they disappoint us again and again… because they do not have the ability to support us… Only Allah has the power to do so but we have closed our eyes to Him… so that even when we receive his blessings day and night we are not happy because we don’t look at these blessings as gifts of love… we take them as our right… as a routine… something that we have earned by our own petty jobs… or something which somebody else has earned for us… so we think that if this person forsakes us or our own health forsakes us then who will earn for us? If we really thought that it was from Allah then why would we have any cause for anxiety? Allah is not going to change… nor will he leave us to survive on our own… because he created us and he knows that we are unable to survive without him…

But what a sad reality it is that even those who believe in Allah go around saying “Allah save us from being dependent” but they fail to realize that they are born to be dependent…

To be dependent on Allah is our honour that gives us freedom from all anxieties;

But to think of ourselves as dependent on our own strengths or on other people… then that is the cause for everlasting insecurity and humiliation.


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