Opening the heart

The biggest blessing of your Lord is that He opens your heart… in the Quran Allah says:

And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul – it is those who will be the successful. (64:16)

If we don’t share our blessings with others then Allah will not give us the happiness that we desire so much… because Allah has put happiness only in sharing… we can never be at peace unless we give benefit to others.

And when someone realizes that the secret of happiness and satisfaction is in giving happiness to others then such a person has really discovered the treasure of Allah’s blessings which has no end.

But it is not always easy… people will test you with their ingratitude, with their inappropriate behaviour etc… But you can overcome all of these temporary irritations by focusing on the fact that Allah is the ONLY one whose appreciation matters to you…

This ability to turn your eyes away from people’s imperfections and feel happy and secure in the perfection of Allah… is attained by doing lots and lots of zikr… the more you remember Him the more you will be free from anxieties and worries… and you will experience the delight of having an open and peaceful heart.

May Allah help us to remember the fact that “it is in giving that we receive”… Ameen.


2 thoughts on “Opening the heart

    • and thanks for letting me know that you read it:)
      jazakAllah khairan and may Allah give us the taufeeq to do what we say or write!!

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