My ONE true Master

I heard a scholar saying that a big obstacle in our way of pleasing Allah is that we are often afraid of people’s reactions… Shaitan knows our weakness so whenever we think of doing something for Allah he puts doubts in our hearts… like if I follow this command of Allah then so and so will be angry with me… If I give my time to Allah’s work then my family will be hurt… they will think I am ignoring their rights… etc etc

She said that the best way to fight these doubts was to reinforce your belief that I am doing this thing for Allah then he will compensate for me whatever loss or pain I have to go through. If people are angry or hurt then Allah will make them alright eventually… it is just a test which will pass… so we should not be afraid of people’s displeasure but focus on Allah’s pleasure…

I felt it to be a very good advice, but on the other hand I thought that already there was this propaganda about religious people too busy worshipping Allah and ignoring their families. Wouldn’t this attitude of not worrying about people’s displeasure make us ignore their due rights? But if we keep on worrying about people and go on pleasing them at the cost of ignoring Allah’s rights then what will save us from His anger? What a complex problem it is… how can we attain the perfect balance?

But Alhamdulillah every problem has a solution and today Allah put the answer in my heart…

In math problems we used to solve equations where the variables were written as a, b, c, or x, y, z… and the equation could be solved only when we put the correct value for each variable.

The same principle is true for our relationships… we cannot give the proper right to any one unless we know and apply their true value… their true importance.

If we know and understand that Allah is the most important then we will not compromise on His rights at all… and if we realize that it is Allah himself who has assigned to us the rights of people, then we will not neglect them either… but not out of fear of people but for the fear of Allah. ‘

We lack proper balance in our life because we have separated these two responsibilities… and we live a confused life, like a slave with two masters… if he pleases one then the other is angry and if he looks at the other then the first one is angry…

We can attain balance only when we realize that we are slaves of only one Master… only Allah. So whether we are standing in worship, it is to please Him and whether we are serving people it is only due to His fear… not people’s fear.

And when the heart will be free from the shackles of people’s fear and the desire of people’s approval… only then it will become truly alive, and will understand what to do in each and every moment of his life, so that Allah is pleased… because it is only possible to please one Master… so make your heart the slave of only ONE…


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