Do you have time?

Whenever I read or hear about successful people I am amazed at how they could accomplish so much in their lives? After all they were the same human beings with no extra powers… the same set of eyes, ears, hands and feet… living on the same earth… breathing the same air, drinking the same water… But then what special ingredient did they have?

It seems to me that although they had the same number of hours in a day and the same number of days in a year… but what made them different was the way they maximised their time by using it in the most beneficial direction.

This means that any person who wishes to be successful just needs to change the way he spends his hours and days… but then why is it so difficult to do so? what stops me from using my time in the best way?

The first obstacle in doing so is ignorance… most of us never really think beyond our routine lives… we just blindly follow the same way of life year after year without even thinking why we are doing so… never questioning… never evaluating whether we are going towards success or not… never even bothering to define what the word success really means…

The second obstacle is that even if we realize our lack of progress and we decide to change our way of life; we fail to be consistent because of our desires.

Our inner self loves to have whatever it desires… and wants to live without having any discipline. That is why a majority of people just work when they “have to” and waste the rest of their time in idleness or useless activities.

Very few people realize that the real pleasure comes when you discipline yourself against these false pleasures and work hard to achieve the real pleasure… the pleasure of success… the pleasure of knowing that you have spent your valuable time in seeking Allah’s pleasure…

All other pleasures are false and transitory…except the pleasure of Allah which brings true satisfaction in this world and everlasting pleasures of the hereafter.

This ability to see the difference between the truth and illusions is the first step towards success. It doesn’t mean that simply by having this vision you will not have any more desires to tempt you… of course not! After all we are humans and we have our weaknesses…but a person who wants to be successful will keep on fighting these temptations with the help of Allah and continue to work hard… using each and every precious moment in the fulfillment of his purpose of life.


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