Watch your step…

Yesterday I wrote about the suffocation of feelings… how one negative emotion can suffocate all the positive ones and make our lives miserable and non productive.

It made me think that to fight negativity is the real test of life. Because lately I have realized that when we do something good for Allah and it leads to more and more goodness… then our heart is so filled with happiness and satisfaction that sometimes we get careless or forgetful about the tricks of shaitan… because the more we progress in the way of Allah the more it makes him active against us and so he will try his utmost to make us fall into some evil action which seems so tiny and harmless to us while in reality it is enough to eat up all the goodness that we gather with so much effort and sacrifice.

For example you make a long journey for visiting some sick relative… just for the pleasure of Allah. But while you are there you waste time in idle talk, or worse you backbite about the relatives who have not come… or you criticize and let down people who might not seem to be on the high standard of righteousness which you think you have achieved… etc etc

Now on one hand you were striving to win points for your hereafter but just one negative habit of looking down on others can make you the worst person in the eyes of Allah… self-righteousness and pride is such an evil that it can suffocate all your goodness and make you worthless.

So while we are focused on adding more and more things to our list of good deeds… we must be very very alert and consciously protect ourselves from evil deeds as well.


2 thoughts on “Watch your step…

  1. Mashaallah sis that is such an important aspect we forget all time
    this is so true we have to be very alert on this jazakaALLAH
    N Ur story was so inspiring after reading it even i have planned to join a a same institute and strive for my purpose of life:)

    • MashaAllah… Alhamdulillah… I am simply delighted that you have decided to learn the Quran… this really is the best gift of life… may Allah make it easy for you and bless you in every step of this awesome journey… Ameen
      do keep coming back to share what you learn and experience… It will further motivate others to undertake this journey too:):)

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