Sometime back I read an e-magazine published by a school. The feature which caught my attention was a page dedicated to the students where they could express their feelings on a certain topic. The title for that edition was “what makes me sad” I was surprised to read how children were saddened by things which we never even think about. So it really was an eye opener for me that we as parents and teachers are not as aware about our kids as we should be… There was one comment which really struck me deeply:

“The turbulent fact that creates a woebegone and doleful ring around my personality is that my anger suffocates the majority of my feelings.”

Regardless of the fact whether its possible for a child to come up with such an idea and vocabulary… it is nonetheless something worth pondering over… 

Allah has blessed us all with so many talents and possibilities for a pleasant and successful life but it is such a pity that one negative emotion can eat up all our potential if we do nothing to control it… whether it is anger or jealousy or hatred or hopelessness… 

These and other such negative emotions make us blind to all the good things in life… and that is why such a person leads a sad and miserable life… not because he doesn’t have anything to be happy about but because he cannot see any reason for hope and happiness…

So we must take care not to let any negativity “suffocate” our life… get rid of all the inner pollution and breathe easy!!


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