Your parents might not be your most favourite people in your life or maybe you love and honour them above everything else… but no matter what kind of feelings you have for them; they are, and will remain, the most important people in your life… why?

Because this is the status given to them by Allah… and this is what we must remind ourselves if we have forgotten this fact…

And this is what we must teach ourselves if we don’t already give them the utmost honour and respect that they deserve.

We might be worshipping Allah day and night but it is of no use if on the other hand we are not good to our parents… and just being “good” is not enough. Rather we must be on our best behaviour with them… because if we fail to give them their due rights then we will have to face the consequences even in this world…

Just like their duas take us to heights of success and honour;

Similarly if we hurt them then their sorrow will have a negative effect on our lives as well.

So if you are facing any problem in life; then you better ask forgiveness for any misconduct that you might have committed against them…

Be kind and loving to your parents and come back to the loving care of your Lord… surely He is Most Forgiving… Most Merciful…


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