Need a thorough scrubbing…

Although I have great conviction in the fact that Quran and salah are a great source of Allah consciousness because they connect us directly to Allah but time and again I have felt this frustration that why am I not totally, completely and absolutely focused on Allah during my prayers or recitation?

And my worry increased since I began to realize that if I am not focused on Allah while I am supposed to be standing in front of Him… then how am I going to be focused on Him in my other day to day activities? And so how can I stay obedient to Him and avoid sinning without having this constant focus which I keep losing again and again.

Yes we know the shaitan distracts us and the environment has distractions… but surely there must be something I can do about it?

Allah is so great that He gives us solutions to all our problems and answers all the questions… so Alhamdulillah I got this answer while listening to a lecture yesterday by Mirza Yawar Baig…

He explained that our sins are what cause our connection to become weak… so we need to do Taubah to cleanse our heart because only a clean heart can connect to Allah…

What really went deep into my heart was that the sins we do against people are not erased from our heart until we ask forgiveness from those whom we have wronged.

But our problem is that most of us are too busy calculating other people’s mistakes and injustices to us and so we are unable to see our own mistakes. But if we don’t accept and feel guilty for being unfair to people then how are we going to ask forgiveness? and if we don’t ask people to forgive us then Allah will not forgive us too…

What an irony it is that on one hand we want to please Allah so much and wish to be connected to Him and on the other hand we keep displeasing him by our unfair attitude towards people… specially those who are not in our good books… sometimes looking down on them, sometimes humiliating them with our unkind words… sometimes backbiting against them… and we think that we are good people??

Let us not deceive us anymore and be aware of the fact that Allah is watching over us as we interact with each and every human being… and it is through our behaviour with His creation that we can come close to Allah…

Our tranquillity and peace of heart depends on our connection with Allah…

And our connection with Allah depends on our connection with fellow human beings… one cannot be good without the other!!

So we must make amends with people and repair our relationships… wipe off the evil with good… if we really want to experience the sweetness of being connected to our Rabb. May Allah open our hearts so we might see the truth and act upon it while we can… ameen

For those who want to listen to the reminder which inspired me to write today’s post:


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