Is there anyone who wants a treasure?

Imagine someone standing on the roadside, carrying a load of money and is calling out to people… Is there anyone who wants this money? Do come and help yourself! Is there anyone who would like to have this treasure? Come on and take it!

How many would not stop to take this money because they were too busy? Or in a rush to reach their offices?

There would be hardly anyone who would keep walking by…

Except maybe the deaf and blind… who could not see this money or could not hear the call of this caller…

Or maybe those who don’t know what money is… who don’t have any idea what these pieces of paper mean!!

But if someone claims that he doesn’t need money and he can survive in this world without it… then you would know that either he is insane or he is lying…

So what if someone makes the same claim about the unseen treasure which Allah is offering to us five times a day (and even more if we want)…

You hear people saying that they don’t need to pray salah… or even if they don’t say it at least this is what they express by their actions… as if they are blind and deaf to this distribution of “free cash”… walking by on the road of life… unconscious… unaware…


2 thoughts on “Is there anyone who wants a treasure?

    • jazakAllah khairan kaseeran… this is what I wanted to convey that salah is not a “burden” but something to comfort us and give us respite in the journey of life:)

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