Beware of those turnings!

In the Quran Allah has made it absolutely clear that faith and guidance are His most precious gifts and so if someone is fortunate to have been blessed with these gifts then the biggest concern should be to protect these gifts from being lost. And we can only ensure their continuity by always following this guidance and never losing sight of our destination… the hereafter…

In Arabic this attitude of keeping in line with your focus and staying on the right direction is called “istaqamat” and this is what we pray for in every rakah of every salah… Ihdina-assirat-al-mustaqeem… Allah! guide us to the straight path…

Someone asked a scholar “How do we stay on the straight path?”

And the answer was “just keep walking on it… even if you take tiny little steps… and beware of the distractions because if you keep taking the wrong turns then you will waste a lot of time going in the wrong direction and then following your way back to the right path.”

Imagine two people going on a highway… one is going straight ahead with a moderate speed… and keeps going…

The other one is driving fast but stops at every rest area… and also wants to explore every town on the way… he just cannot control his desires… so he keeps wandering back and forth…

Who is going to reach the destination?

It is quite sad that we all know the end of this story and yet we keep on playing the role of the loser… why? Don’t we want to win this game of life? Do we lack conviction in the results? Or do we live in the illusion that we are going to win anyway?

Life seems like a long journey but the fact is that its going to be over in no time at all… so why give up everlasting and endless pleasures of the hereafter; for the tiny little, superficial pleasures of this world?

Because you see its not only ignorance or lack of faith… but the lack of seriousness and determination which keeps us behind in good deeds… But If we are serious enough for our safety and determined to win; then surely we will fight our desires and stay away from all the things which take us off the main road…

May Allah make us of those who realize this truth and stay on the road to success… ameen


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