My Powerful Rabb

One of the beautiful names of Allah is Al-Qawiyyu… which means The All-Powerful… to understand this absolute and ultimate power of Allah we can observe all the powerful things in this world and imagine the sum total of all their power. This means that you add the power of all the mountains in the world, plus the power of all the oceans (remember tsunami?) the power of the planets and the stars… the power of all that fire burning inside them… the power of all the animals and whales and sharks and whatever you can think of… the power of the wind… the power of all the powerful people in the world and all the power of the superpowers… their weapons… the nuclear bombs… whatsoever… add all that up and place it in front of Allah’s power…

You will be shocked to see that all the power of these things added up together cannot even come up to the size of a dot when compared to Allah’s infinite power.

So then what can be the magnitude of power within just one person? what does my power or your power measure up to?

And still we feel “powerful” over others and belittle them?

This shows our blindness to the actual reality of our situation.

In other words it is the height of our ignorance that we attach so much importance to the power of people and things… and are so overwhelmed and impressed by them that we forget where the real power exists.

What a waste of life it is to keep pleasing people at the cost of disobeying Allah… to keep feeling afraid of people’s displeasure and taking lightly the anger of Allah…

This can only be cured by having faith in the ultimate power of Allah and fearing Him and wanting his approval… the way he deserves.

Because it is only through the obedience of Allah in complete humbleness that really and truly empowers us and we are able to ignore the threats posed by people in the way of Allah… may Allah make us strong with His power and make us helpers of his deen… ameen


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