Purify the Heart till it shines!

Yesterday I talked about the purity of heart and so I kept thinking on the ways to achieve it. I was reminded of many tips but the one I have found the most effective from personal experience is to seek forgiveness of Allah…

Now this is something that most of us already know and practise but at times I have noticed that the things we do without feeling their true worth; become mechanical and so we remain deprived from their actual benefit…

Because if we do things just for the sake of fulfilling a routine then the heart is not involved and if the heart is indifferent and not being affected by our good deeds then the purpose is not achieved… the heart remains unchanged and so our thoughts and dealings with people also remain unchanged and unimproved…

So what exactly is the benefit of “Istighfaar“(seeking forgiveness)?

Let me tell you a story…

Some twenty years ago when I was trying to become a “Muslim-by-choice” and had started praying five times… but had no knowledge of Quran or Hadith… I was having a really tough time and I became so miserable due to some issues that despite the fact that I am not the sort of person to share my sorrows with my parents, I actually called my father and thought I will ask his advice in some indirect way… (because I have always believed that the worst sin would be to make my parents miserable because of my problems…)

Anyway I told him that there is someone I know who is so depressed with her problems and although she prays regularly still she is not at peace… what should she do?

He told me that she should do istighfar… ask Allah for forgiveness…

I was so upset by this reply that instead of offering any sympathy he is implying that she is the one in the wrong so she should ask for forgiveness??

But somehow I just started following his advice because I believed that there must be some benefit in it even if I couldn’t understand… and guess what?

My life changed because of that… and why?

Because my heart changed… my priorities changed… my way of thinking… my desires… ambitions… everything changed!!

So you see it is not just my story but all of those who have consciously done Istighfar must have experienced this change that accompanies this simple yet profound act.

Because you see nothing can change our past… except Istighfar!

Whatever mistakes we have committed in our lives becomes a burden on the heart and so we feel hopeless and miserable. It is only true and conscious Istighfar… sincerely feeling guilty and begging Allah to forgive you… that can remove this burden of sins…

The heart becomes clean and fresh… and shines with hope and energy… so the quality of all your deeds will improve!

Tauba cleanses a person so much as if he had not done any sin at all… so if you ever feel burdened and miserable just pray two nafl and cry before Allah to forgive you…

It is a good thing to sit in solitude and remember your sins which only Allah knows about and ask Him to erase them from your record… feel guilt and remove it through istighfar.

This is also beneficial in removing all kinds of fears and sorrows.

Another benefit is that when you become focused on your own mistakes and get busy in the cleaning process of your heart and soul then you will stop noticing other people’s shortcomings and your relationships will improve dramatically… giving you more reasons to lead a pleasant and satisfied life… in sha Allah.

The deeper your sincerity the more sins Allah will remove… so much that sometimes a sincere repentance can transform these sins into good deeds… imagine thatJ

That’s why our Prophet (s.a.w.) has said:

Glad tidings for the one who will find in his book of deeds an abundance of Istighfar…


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