Reading Quran at night

Although I have given up the bad habit of staying up late at night; but there are times when I feel tempted to keep awake after everyone has gone to sleep so that I can be on my own and maybe read some book etc… but one night I happened to be too distracted to concentrate on any book, so I just took up my phone and started playing a game… thinking that it will tire me out and I will go to sleep easily… but it turned out to be a trick of the devil that I got so addicted to it that night after night I would play it and waste precious hours of sleep and wake up all drowsy and groggy the next morning…

When i realized what was happening I was too horrified and wanted to stop the addiction but I just couldn’t really get rid of it… so one day when I was reading Quran I got an idea… I took a pen and paper and wrote a “letter” to remind myself of what a bad choice it was to waste my time and eyesight on such a useless activity… and why not I replace it with the wonderfully beneficial habit of reading Quran at night. Then I folded this “letter” to keep it on my bedside table so that I would read it at night. On the top-side of the folded letter I wrote in bold capitals… “OPEN it NOW”!!

Well the magic happened that when I was about to pick up the phone that night to enjoy my game… I saw this letter and put the phone back… without even opening or reading the contents… just those three words staring at me were enough to control me!!

And since then Alhamdulillah I have been going to bed on time after reading some portion from the Quran… this really gives me the sense of fulfillment which I was longing for… and my quality of sleep has improved enormously; AlhamdulillahJ

Here I am copying the words of the letter for all those who might be trapped into any such temptation which is too silly even to admit it to themselves… but you know what? The sooner we admit and make ourselves come out of it the better it will be for our health and imaan…

So here’s that letter which changed the way I sleep alhamdulillah!!

O My “self”! You most probably don’t feel like shutting down everything… but trust me that it’s not going to benefit you at all… so just sit and listen to the words of Allah in your own voice and believe me this is the best habit to develop… do it over and over again; night after night until this is the only “tranquilizer” you will ever need to go to sleep with a peaceful and satisfied soul.


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