the test of speech

Last night I was thinking to myself and trying to sort out a problem that often bothers me… i.e. why does it become so difficult to convey Allah’s message to those who don’t want to listen to any opinion which conflicts with their ideas about life and success. Previously I used to think that it’s their fault if they want to remain in illusions so it’s not my problem if they don’t listen to me… but lately I have started feeling like maybe there is something wrong with me…

Maybe my way of talking was not good?

So I checked myself on my choice of words and the volume of my voice and my tone… but found nothing wrong with these outward things.

Then maybe my feelings were not good?

So I checked the state of my heart… whether I really wanted good for them or was I merely trying to appear better than them? I found that I sincerely want them to succeed… nothing wrong here either!

Then maybe there is some hidden factor which is not becoming apparent to me? How can I overcome something which is not even apparent?

I remembered that I had heard from my teacher long time back that when we pray for forgiveness we should consciously ask Allah to show us our faults and remind us of all the sins which we have committed and forgotten…so that we can really feel the NEED for those black spots to be removed from our book of deeds. Because sometimes these sins can hold us back and we cannot move forward in the path of goodness because of them.

And this thought made me realize that if the sins of the past can have such a lingering effect on my success or failure, then what about the sins which I am still doing?

Doing something by mistake is one thing but persisting in some sinful behaviour is completely different and needs to be sorted out… because it is these sins that take out the barakah from our efforts.

Following this train of thought, I also remembered a statement of my teacher that had seemed to pierce right through my heart…

Allah will not put barakah in the speech of a person who uses his tongue in backbiting, taunting or insulting others.

Therefore we need to keep our tongues pure if we want our words to have any effect.

We all know that these sins of the tongue are so harmful for us but we don’t really make any planned efforts to get rid of them. It would be plain foolishness to expect that these habits will disappear automatically.

There has to be some plan of action… some efforts to choose and use our words wisely..

Because every word has an effect… either it takes you closer to success or it takes you away from it…


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