expectations are only from Allah

How amazing it is that most people want good for themselves but are reluctant to want the same goodness for others. It is the biggest reason why most of us are dissatisfied with our lives… the emptiness of the soul can only be fulfilled by being connected to someone… and the strongest connection you can make with someone is when you make some positive contribution in their lives.

But this must be based on Allah consciousness… you should expect your reward only from Allah and you do it for His pleasure only.

Because if this condition in not fulfilled then we see that despite all our efforts of doing good to others, there is no connection of mutual love and appreciation among people…

They do it for people’s pleasure and expect others to reciprocate or at least acknowledge or appreciate what good they have done to them…

And when they cannot see the reciprocation which they desire, they become resentful… sometimes they stop doing good if they can but there are situations where they “have to” continue serving others… but they do so with a heart full of resentment and anger… which makes it impossible to get any happiness from this “act of goodness”.

Therefore sharing and being beneficial for others will be beneficial only when we stop focusing on people and their mistakes… and focus only on Allah’s pleasure. So the more you remember Allah the more pleasure you will find… because only Allah is perfect and all others are full of imperfections… including our own self!


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