How important is it?

The other day I was talking to one of my friends and she said that although she had a good intention of studying about the religion on a regular basis she never seemed to be able to act on her plans. She said she was totally clueless as to what the obstacle was.

I also started to say the same thing that my own plans often get over-run by other things but then I asked her a question which had never come to my mind before that…

I said to her “How many times has it happened that you had planned to cook for lunch but could not do it because of becoming busy in some other thing?”

Or you couldn’t send your children to school because you just didn’t have the energy to do so?

Or you didn’t attend the wedding of some close relative because you just didn’t have the time to prepare for it?

“Very rarely… almost never…” was her response.

And so I said “Isn’t it absolutely fascinating how our minds work? The moment we think of something as “urgent” or “important”… something that cannot be ignored no matter what… then all our energies are focused on that task and we do it no matter how busy, distracted, or weak we might be.”

Therefore if we want to work for the Akhirah then we will have to keep reminding ourselves of how little time we have and how urgently we need to do whatever we have to do… because we never know which day is our last… which hour… which minute… which second… which breath is going to be the last we breath out after which we will not be given any more time to breath in…


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