Am I truly alive?

In the month long study of Quran this Ramadan I understood once again the fact that faith and actions are inseparable… faith is the soul and actions are like the body which contain that soul…

If our actions are without correct faith then it is like a body without any soul… and what good can a body do without its soul? It might be beautiful to look at… it might look tall and strong… it might look impressive… but without soul it is dead… even though you could mummify it and keep admiring it for years for its physical appearance but it can do you no good…

And then on the other hand if you claim you have faith and there are no actions to express this faith… then that is like a soul without a body… so what good will that soul do? The soul cannot be of any benefit without a body…

So if you feel empty and not fully alive then either there is something lacking in your faith or your actions…

We need to work on both and become really alive… because life itself is the biggest miracle and blessing of Allah and so we need to appreciate and use it to its maximum potential… if we want to succeed in both worlds…


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