Sharing is having…

Yesterday I wrote about gratitude and how important it is for us to be grateful and appreciative of the blessings of Allah which we use knowingly and unknowingly in every second of our existence in this world. But certainly gratitude is a vast topic and requires a lot more than merely appreciating and giving thanks for all that we have… in fact it is the sharing of these blessings with other people is what completes our thankfulness. Because it is only possible to share when we think and feel that we have enough to give to others too… and if you are not sharing then you are reflecting your inner condition where your heart feels like Allah has not given you enough and so you don’t have anything over and above your own needs to give to others too.

And the most interesting concept of sharing is that these feelings work both ways… I mean if you have more than enough then you will feel like sharing… and if you share you will start feeling like you have more than enough.

Therefore sharing your things even if at first you feel constricted for lack of things is an excellent remedy for the disease of feeling deprived…

And when you continue to share, you will start realizing that the sense of deprivation was just an illusion and you really have abundance of things which you never saw before…

And so the more your heart cherishes and enjoys this feeling of abundance, the more it will enable you to love Allah …

And it is only when you share whatever you have that you can truly experience the delight of having all that you have… such that not just your tongue but also your heart will say: “Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin…” the first words of the Quran!!!


3 thoughts on “Sharing is having…

  1. Asalamu alaikum wr wb dear friend,
    lovely piece of advice Alhamdulillah:)…..its strange and amazing that this seemingly very basic moral value needs to be reminded about so frequently and every time, it does wonders mashaAllah:)

    jazakillah lots:)
    keep reminding!!:)

    • JazakAllah khairan for these kind words… your feedback is always a pleasure:)
      For me it took a long time to realize that sharing is not dependent on having a lot of things… rather it is more often the opposite… Allah gives according to how much we share…

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