The NEW habits for the NEW year…

I had promised to myself during Ramadan that I would share on the blog whatever Allah taught me during the month long journey through Quran. But it happened that in my quest of writing something really good, I just managed to contribute only four episodes so far. And that’s hardly one percent of all that I collected on my little sticky notes.

And today being the first day of the new-year… the first thought that came into my mind was how can I make this year better than the previous one? How can I make it special and memorable and a cause for me to become a better, more productive person? And then I thought that I can pick a couple of things to do in this year, which I want to do very much but have never done so far due to some reason or the other…

But then I thought that instead of jumping into a new project, why not complete the unfinished tasks… Because I feel that if I can succeed in consistently working on an old project with the aim to complete it; then I will be learning two new valuable habits:

1- the habit of working consistently (breaking procrastination)

2- the habit of perseverance (breaking the attitude of giving up) 

And so the first project I have decided to complete is to share the reflections from Dawra-e-Quran…

and instead of saying I will share the first piece tomorrow…I will begin today in-sha-Allah… no more procrastination!!!


Gratitude is the first and foremost lesson of Quran… why? Because to be grateful you have to appreciate the value of something… and what would be our lives if we do not appreciate the ONE who gave us this life?

The chances of a person to reach his destination is in taking the first step in the right direction… similarly if we want to reach our goal of a successful life then it must begin with the right attitude… which is the attitude of gratitude.

But what is gratitude? It is very simple if you just imagine giving a gift to someone… like for example a wife prepares a lovely dinner for her husband and serves him in beautiful style too… and he just gobbles up the food and hardly even notices the taste or the aroma… nor does he utter a single word of appreciation or any expression of enjoyment…

Even a child can make out that this person is being “ungrateful”… and what will he get out of this attitude of indifference? Do you think he can be happy if he doesn’t even realize that he got something which should have made him happy?

Now we can all feel how unfair he has been… but take a moment to think and feel about what we do when we receive the gifts from Allah which are far more valuable and precious than that meal…

Every day we open our eyes from sleep, but do we realize that to wake up is like coming alive after being dead? So if we don’t even realize then how can we be grateful?

Then we get out of bed and walk… is walking not a miracle?

The food we eat… the way we swallow it without even realizing… the way it gets digested and becomes a part of our bodies… how the blood flows… how we breath… how the heart beats… the more you think the more you will see that we take all of this as granted… as an ordinary thing…

And then look outside of your body and see the countless other blessings… not just in the creations of Allah spread everywhere for our benefit… but also in the events of our lives… the way people serve us… are good to us… make our lives easy with their love and care… have we ever given thanks to Allah that he put love for us in the hearts of people?

I cannot even begin to count the things which Allah does for us because it is humanly impossible to count… but one thing I can certainly do and must do… is to open my heart and “see” and “feel” and “realize” the blessings of Allah… so that I can appreciate Him for all that He is and for all that He does for me and for others and for the world and for the entire universe… so that I can be grateful to Him and become His true believer and worshipper… InshaAllah


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