The wealthiest person

Faith is the biggest blessing that Allah grants to us if we want it and work for it…

If you have faith then you are truly blessed because it is a wealth that makes you the richest person on earth…because it is only through correct faith in Allah that we are able to see the blessings in our life and we realize how much we have to be thankful for…

And as for the things that we don’t have then a person having faith will realize that Allah has kept those things away from me for my greater benefit…

Because faith is to realize that no one can love me and care for me more than Allah… and so He has only given me only what is beneficial for me… He knows my needs better than I do… this is faith and this is the only thing that can really keep you satisfied and happy in this world.

And so if Allah has given you that level of faith which gives you the complete conviction in the wisdom of Allah’s decisions for you then what should be your attitude towards it? would you not care for it? would you not value it above all other things? Would you not want your loved ones to have it too?

Would you take it lightly if you got the biggest treasure of the world? Would you not “feel” wealthy due to that? Would you not cherish it? would you not strive to protect it from all dangers of losing it? would not the thought of losing it make you sleepless? Would you not persist in making it grow and grow as far as you possibly can?

So what a fool would be a person who got this faith and then took it lightly and not gave it any value… how unbelievable if someone not lock the doors and windows of the room in which he keeps his diamonds and treasures?

So where is this treasure of faith?

In the heart…

And what are the doors and windows of this room which we must guard?

Our eyes

Our ears

Take care of what is going in each of these openings… for surely each and every thing which goes in will cause an effect on your treasure… either it will make it grow or it will cause it to diminish…


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