The Sweetness of LOVE…

When I was around eight years of age and studying in the convent in grade 4, we had a thin little book of Islamic studies in our syllabus. The environment in which I lived seldom ever reminded me of my religion except for the daily Quran recitation lesson with my grandmother and the few azkaar which my mother used to teach me every night in bed… But that little book of Islamiyat used to fascinate me in two ways… one was the memorization of the few small surahs which was assigned to us as homework in the summer vacation and the other was the story of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) which I read in the holidays out of my love for stories… and I got so involved with it that when I reached the end and read about the death scene… my eyes spilled over with the first ever tears which I shed in love of my Prophet (s.a.w)… unknowingly…

But this tiny seed of love didn’t get any chance to grow into anything… because there was no rain nor any sunlight of knowledge or inspiration to nurture it. Thus I remained unaware that it even existed somewhere deep down the layers of dust in my rusty heart…

And then after so many years when I started learning the Quran and found out that our faith cannot be complete until we love our Prophet (s.a.w.) more than every other thing… I was deeply worried because I did not feel this love… I tried to read books on the life of the Prophet (s.a.w) but all I could feel was admiration for His perfection and an added sense of responsibility towards Him that we should follow Him because His life is the perfect example for us.

But what about love? Where will I get it from?

I used to pray to Allah for this love because I wanted my faith to be complete but I didn’t know what to do except praying for it…

Then in 2011 there was a Seerah course which I attended thinking that it will lead me towards my goal… It was the peak of summers and I remember how difficult it used to be for me to go out in that heat and humidity but Allah made it possible for me to attend it despite all the other problems which stood like mountains in my way…

Although I absorbed each and every word that was read and discussed in class… still I could not find any spontaneous flow of love which I had expected… nevertheless I tried to implement all the lessons that I learned thinking that actions will generate the emotion which I required…

Anyway life went on and time and again I realized the need for the completion of my faith… this thirst has led me to a never ending quest for learning… and so listening to some lecture or the other is like my daily requirement of spiritual food… which leaves me thirsty for more and more…

But the one 30-minute-talk which I heard last night has finally given me the taste of that sweetness of love for our Prophet (s.a.w) which I had been yearning for. From the very first words of the speaker I was hooked to it… because he said the most awesome thing that love for our Prophet (s.a.w) is something that we need to “achieve” by the struggle of our Nafs. It is not given to us without struggle… So if you don’t feel it doesn’t mean you should be ashamed of yourself or there is something wrong with you… it ONLY means that you have NOT WORKED HARD to achieve it…

And the best part of this talk came at the end where the speaker reads out a few lines of prose and creates such a scene in your imagination that you can actually experience that love which makes your heart cry out in longing to be with your Prophet (s.a.w.)

As the tears washed away the cobwebs of my ignorance… I remembered all the times I had prayed for this love and the little efforts to learn about the Prophet (s.a.w) and I understood this one important lesson that if one effort fails to produce the result then it doesn’t mean that the effort was useless… rather it is like breaking through a rock… every strike of the hammer has a value but the result comes at the end…

So keep striking and don’t give up hope… the result will come… if not in this world then definitely in the next… because Allah has promised in Surah An-Najm, Ayah 39,40 and 41:

And that there is not for man except that [good] for which he strives

And that his effort is going to be seen

Then he will be recompensed for it with the fullest recompense


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Mir Subla on October 19, 2014 at 6:05 am

    Shukran a lot for every word that you pass may Allah subhanotaaalah reward you for this ameen


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