Ramadan Story (part-2)

(to get the complete picture please read the previous post first)

Another very important point which became crystal clear to me during this entire experience of attending dawra-e-Quran was that there is a huge difference between information and knowledge. We have to struggle and sacrifice our comfort and convenience if we want to absorb the message of Allah deep down into our heart and soul. Otherwise information can be collected at the click of a tab.

The biggest argument which was the most difficult for me to fight was that why couldn’t I just listen to the classes online? That way I could avoid so much of inconvenience and could save the travelling time which was quite a lot…

I didn’t quite understand myself why I was insisting on putting myself through so much of trouble just for the sake of going to a class which could easily be accessed online… But even though in the beginning I didn’t have any clear answer for this, I understood after a couple of classes what Allah had guided me to…

With His immense blessing He made me see for myself that knowledge has to be experienced in order for it to go deep down into your heart and soul… because when you go through pains and your ego is shattered and the heart is cracked from all directions only then there is a chance for anything to get into those cracks… and when the words of Allah start to heal these cracks, then you know for sure that this is the medicine which you needed the most… this is the food which your soul must have… this experience cannot be had in your comfortable room, on your soft cushions and everything going according to your desire… otherwise why would we drag our children to school at such a tender age… when all they want is to play around… but we send them crying and whining… because it’s not just a matter of teaching them ABC or 123 but they need to get the experience of being in a class, learning from a teacher as well as from the whole environment… combined with the pain of separation from their mother and their home and their toys… all of it so essential for their growth.

But does learning ever stop? Is the process of growing up ever completed?

The fact is that the bodies keep growing even if we stay lying on our couches, eating and enjoying our leisure… but the heart and mind grows only when you put it to task… the bodies get fed one way or the other… but the food of the heart and soul cannot be bought at a store… cannot be stored in the fridge… Rather we need to seek it from Allah and the price is the right intention, and hard work and sacrifice.

(to be continued in-sha-Allah)


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Story (part-2)

  1. May Allah bless you for sharing this piece at a time when I, myself, am struggling with sacrificing my comfort and convenience for the sake of taking in the word of Allah. Surely, this serves as a reminder. Indeed Allah will make this path easier, only when I make that extra effort and let go of my procrastination.
    And who would know better, the value of having the “spiritual high” gained in an environment where the angels of mercy envelope the whole gathering, from the one who had to sit at work and could only yearn to have been able to attend anything like this 🙂

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