Build your fortress!

In a previous article of mine I talked about the two basic things which we need to defend ourselves against the tactics of shaitan… and they were: faith in Allah and sincerity. Both have to do with our inner self… with our beliefs and our focus… and both these things act as a foundation upon which we are going to build our defence system. This system comprises of four solid practical steps which will make us strong from inside out and we will be better able to deal with the constant attacks from our enemy… the shaitan…


Following the way of our Prophet (S.A.W.)

One of the biggest asset we have from Allah to protect us against shaitan is the Sunnah of our Prophet (s.a.w.) because our messenger never did anything without purpose or wisdom and so each and every Sunnah that we apply in our lives, will rid us of the many problems which make us weak and helpless targets for the shaitan. To understand this you can make a list of your problems and taking them one by one, identify the acts of Sunnah which will help you get rid of them. For example weakness and laziness due to poor sleep can be cured by sleeping right after Isha prayer… shortage of time can be cured by waking early and making use of the blessings of the early hours… indecisiveness can be fought with Istikhara and other duas… poor relationships can be made better by doing salaam and smile… lifelong enmities can be ended by forgiveness and openheartedness… etc etc etc…. the list can be endless…

So make a firm resolution to become strong against shaitan by consciously adapting the ways of the Prophet (s.a.w.) because it is possible that someone might be following these sunnahs as a habit. But our goal is to pursue these “habits” with the intention of following the Prophet’s Sunnah (s.a.w.) because it is this intention that will give us the spiritual strength to ward off the attacks of shaitan.


Excellence in worship… especially in Salah.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) stated in a Hadith that “Ehsaan” or excellence means that you should pray as if you are looking at Allah and if you cannot achieve this then at least have the feeling that Allah is looking at you.

Even though it appears to be very simple in words but in practice it requires a lot of struggle… why?

Because the shaitan knows that if we succeed in achieving the benefit of worship then he will not have any power over us… that is why he makes sure that the moment we stand in prayer he will make us remember one thing and the next and the next… until we will become so occupied in our thoughts that it will be a miracle if we remember what rakah we are on or what we are reciting?

It’s like talking to someone and not even knowing what you are saying… not even remembering the person whom you are talking to… what kind of crazy person would do that? But we are doing it with Allah and we don’t even realize it… how clever is the devil…

But now that we know we must take it seriously and not let the shaitan overwhelm us… So that when we pray we must keep our focus on Allah and when we fast we must remember that we are in a state of worship and not spend our days cursing the heat and the thirst… each and every act that we do for Allah should be done in a beautiful way…

We can never be perfect… but to strive for excellence is something that we can achieve… and should aim for… because this will act as an unbreakable shield against the evil attacks of shaitan… inshaAllah.


Abundance of “sujood” (prostrations)

Shaitan hates it when we prostrate in front of Allah… it humiliates and weakens him… So if we want to defeat shaitan then we should do plenty of sajdahs. Like whenever you forget the rakahs in Salah then you should do two extra sujood at the end… these are known as the Sajdah-e-Sehw… Also when the ayat of Sajdah occurs during the recitation or listening of Quran… we should hasten to do Sajdah at that point.

I loved the following Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira (r.a.) that the Prophet (s.a.w.) said:

When a man reads the ayat of Sajdah and does the Sajdah; the shaitan leaves him and weeps… saying: O woe to me! The son of Adam was ordered to do Sajdah and he did it… so for him is the Paradise… while I was ordered to do Sajdah and I disobeyed so for me is the fire!

Apart from this whenever we feel grief or fear or any apprehension whatsoever… we should go and pray nafl salah and make duas in Sajdah. This act is not just physical but has a deep spiritual effect because it is the closest meeting with Allah that we can have in this world… therefore it dispels all the negative effects of shaitan.


Opening the knots of shaitan…

Our Prophet (s.a.w) has informed us in a Hadith that the shaitan ties three knots at the base of our head every single night so that we remain sleeping and not be able to pray fajr… On every knot he taps and says: the night is long so keep sleeping!

But when a person wakes up and remembers Allah… one knot is opened… and when he gets up and does wudhu, the second one is opened and when he prays salah the third knot is also opened. So this person experiences his morning with an inner satisfaction and energetic soul… but if doesn’t make any effort to untie these knots and keeps sleeping then he spends his mornings with a rotten feeling and a lazy soul.

Obviously the key to succeed against the enemy is to defeat him at the onset of battle… because if he spoils your mornings then the whole day will be lost to you and this will further pave the way for the shaitan to get settled into your system.

So like they say… nip the evil in the bud… open the knots and don’t settle for being a captive!



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