Back on track!

This is my practical experience that whenever I am sick or travelling or disturbed in anyway, the first things that get affected are the ones most precious to me. I often used to wonder why am I not able to do the things which are most valuable to me… while the other things continue to be done even in the most difficult of circumstances… how come I find the time and energy for that “other” stuff and not find the time or ability to do the “real” stuff that matters the most to me? Surely it should have been the other way round…

So does it mean that I don’t really care? Or does it mean that I care so much for these things to be done so perfectly that I cannot do them in a rush?

But now when I am sitting back on my “writing chair” after a lapse of about two weeks or so… I have realized the truth that it is a trick of the shaitan that he keeps giving me this excuse that since I am not well, and so I will not be able to produce anything worthwhile. Therefore I should wait for a better time to write… and it seems such a logical reasoning that I have never really suspected it to be a trick…

The fact is that when things are not going well and there comes a rough spot in life where we get ill or have some other problem, we can observe that all twenty four hours are not the same… the pain or problem comes in waves… like a high tide followed by a low tide… and that is how we keep on doing the work which has to be done… like cooking or cleaning etc. So in the same way we must look out for opportunities, small slots of ease, in which we should try and take tiny but regular steps towards the completion of the projects which we have undertaken for the sake of Allah.

Because if we give in to the whispers of shaitan and keep waiting for the perfect time, then the spirit keeps getting low and we are left with no energy to fight the temptations of our own selves.

Thus it is a chain reaction where the less we work towards our goals, the less energy we have and the lesser the energy level becomes, the more difficult it gets to come back on track.

May Allah save us all from the traps of shaitan and make us aware of the ways to fight back and remain on the right track… ameen


2 thoughts on “Back on track!

  1. Ameen. I couldn’t have agreed more. Jazakillah Khair for putting this trick of our enemy into the right perspective and may Allah s.w.t bless you with health, bliss & ease to aid you in your ways to bring your readers closer to HIM.ameen.

    • Ameen summa Ameen to your duas and jazakAllah khairan for your kind words… may Allah help us to act on what we learn… ameen

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