More tricks and traps… (part-4)

Since it is the lifelong mission of the devil to drag the human beings into doing things which will lead them to regret, shame embarrassment and total loss of the hereafter… therefore he is not content with just one or two methods of achieving this end… rather he has many ways of trapping human beings. Three of those I have mentioned in my last article. Today I will start with the fourth trap:

4- Motivating people towards sins and disobedience.

The most well known example in this case is how the shaitan managed to convince Adam and Hawwa (peace be upon them) to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. They had the whole paradise at their disposal and so they had no reason or desire to go near that tree… but the shaitan made it so attractive and justifiable to them that they fell into the trap and did something which they regretted when it was too late…

And so he uses the same deceptions with the children of Adam that they do things which are forbidden to them. He makes these sins look so innocent and harmless that even the most intelligent people commit them without realizing that they are destroying their faith and will have to face a terrible consequence in the hereafter.

5- Promoting the acts of indecency and inviting towards nudeness…

The problem is that shaitan has made vulgarity and immodesty look so harmless that it doesn’t seem to bother anyone anymore. That is why it has become such a common thing… turn on the TV, open any website, attend any function, visit the malls… hardly any place is free from this evil…

But why does he lead people towards indecency? It’s because he knows that immodesty results in loss of faith. And so in the guise of fashion and modernity, he deprives people (mostly women) from the dignified status which Allah gave to them and makes them cheap entertainment for all… (May Allah save us from him… ameen)

6- Spoiling mutual relationships…

Now this is another trick of the shaitan that he has not left anybody untouched from it except for maybe some very rare cases… we all experience it in our lives that even if everything else is going well, somewhere someone will be mad at us or we are angry with them… resentments, grudges… even outright jealousy and hatred is not an uncommon thing in people all over the world…

What does shaitan get out of it? Pure pleasure! Because he knows that a spoiled relationship will spoil our mood, our attitude and our whole life… and so what will be the quality of our salah or zikr, if the whole time our heart is burning with anger or self pity that others have done this and that to me… and so where hearts are not at peace with each other then there can be no productivity…

So how can we put things right? How can we ensure good relationships?

Only one answer: Hold your tongue!!

Don’t give expression to your bad feelings… because if you keep quiet then the fire will die out… but if you open it then the whole environment will catch this fire… so say only good and positive words or keep quiet. And keep your focus on what benefit you can give to others instead of the other way round. Put a stop to the endless train of negative thoughts and negative words… and in-sha-Allah you will begin to see the positive changes in your life… but it requires constant struggle with yourself and lots of patience and determination…

7- Causing people to forget Zikr of Allah (s.w.t)

The shaitan knows better than us that remembrance of Allah is the life of our hearts and the food for our intellect… that is why it is his utmost desire to make us forget Allah and become heedless… until the hearts become blackened and lifeless…

Satan has overcome them and made them forget the remembrance of Allah . Those are the party of Satan. Unquestionably, the party of Satan – they will be the losers. (Al-Mujadalah:19)

Zikr of Allah is something which connects us to Allah at all times. Apparently it might look as a very small or inconsequential deed to say Alhamdulillah or SubhaanAllah but it is a fact that the forms of zikr derived from the Sunnah of our Prophet (s.a.w) definitely have the power to lead you towards a stronger faith and obedience of Allah until you reach the level where Allah’s love fills your heart with joy and peace. But to do this you will need to fight the laziness and procrastination techniques which the shaitan uses against you to delay and eventually give up the zikr which you meant to do but did not make any determined plan… just look at the clear warning from Allah:

And whoever is blinded from remembrance of the Most Merciful – We appoint for him a devil, and he is to him a companion. And indeed, the devils avert them from the way [of guidance] while they think that they are [rightly] guided. (Az-Zukhruf:36,37)

8- Making people forsake their salah or to take it lightly:

How knowledgeable the shaitan is…!! He is so well aware that this is the greatest link of a believer to Allah through which he can increase his faith and achieve peace of heart and success of both worlds. Therefore he either makes people completely give up their salah or if he cannot do it then at least he makes it look unimportant or trivial in their eyes. So that even if they pray, they will not pray on time or not be focused in it… in any case shaitan will try its utmost to not let us take any real benefit from salah…

According to a Hadith the shaitan comes to a person when he is praying and says to him “remember this”… “think about that”… until the person starts remembering things which he had never thought of before… and forgets how many rakahs he has prayed!!

What a common problem this is but how often do we seek protection of Allah from the devil? What precautions do we take to protect our salah?… the fact is that our life can become so much more meaningful and success-oriented if only we could realize this trick of the devil and guard our salah like our most precious possession!

(More to follow tomorrow… in-sha-Allah)


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