Shaitan… weak or strong? (part-2)

The main target of the devil, or Shaitan as we call him in Arabic, is to deceive mankind so that they get deviated from the path which leads to everlasting success. But why is he doing it? Its because of his hatred and anger and jealousy towards us…

We know how destructive these emotions can be… we have all experienced anger and hatred at some level in our relationships and so we can imagine how people hurt each other with words or even physically if they can… especially if they keep reminding themselves how much the other person has ruined their life in one way or the other… they want to destroy each other and even if they cannot do that, they will still try to destroy their image in other people’s eyes by talking against them…

Hatred makes us blind… we don’t even care to realize that it is ruining our life too! The same is the case with Shaitan… He knows he will burn in eternity but he wants to take us with him because he has assumed that we have been the cause of his destruction… even though it is quite clear that it was due to his own arrogance and disobedience to Allah that he was removed from Allah’s mercy… especially when instead of being humble and guilty about his sin, he chose to justify his act and blamed Allah for his ruin…

So this is not just a story that we read in Quran but a very real danger surrounding us at all times, and unless we recognize it and take protective measures against it, we cannot hope to achieve the success which we all want so much.

Although this is a grave situation that whenever we walk in the way of Allah, the shaitan comes in action and makes us fall into some sin or mistake, but the good news is that Allah has opened the door of forgiveness for us. So we should never say things like: I am so bad so Allah will never forgive me… or I have been sinning for such a long time so what’s the use of doing taubah in this age… I don’t deserve to be forgiven because I repeat the same mistake again and again…

Always remember that shaitan is not just content in making you fall but will also make you hopeless with yourself so much that you might never try to walk again… but we know that being hopeless is to deny the mercy of Allah… and that again is a grave sin…

So the thing to do is to get up again and start walking again… asking Allah’s help and forgiveness.

To sin is our weakness but to seek forgiveness is our strength and in that lies our success.

At this point I want to share a practical tip:

Make a list of all the past sins and mistakes which make you worried, anxious or depressed. Now write positive words in front of each… and say it aloud that Allah can forgive it, His mercy is far greater than this sin or that mistake… He will help me…

In yesterday’s post I wrote about how weak the shaitan is against the true believers that even he recognized it when he said that he will destroy all mankind except the chosen ones…

Who are these fortunate people?

They are those with a strong faith, honest and sincere… constantly working towards the pleasure of their Lord.

Therefore to become strong against the shaitan we must strengthen our bond with Allah’s book and the sunnah of His Messenger (s.a.w)

Shaitan can only be strong when your connection with Allah and His Messenger is weak. Because this will cause a weakness in your faith and your faith is like a fortress against the devil. If the walls of your fortress are falling apart then how can you be protected against the attacking forces of shaitan?

All evil things are from the shaitan… so Allah has warned us repeatedly in the Quran about it…

O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. He only orders you to evil and immorality and to say about Allah what you do not know. (Al-Baqarah:168,169)

Therefore in order to protect ourselves from the devil we have to check what we are eating: Is it Halal? Is it clean? Is it in a good condition? Is it pure? Is it free from contamination? Because our bodies should be strong in order for us to worship Allah and walk in the path of His pleasure… which requires utmost struggle…

Secondly what are we feeding our souls? Are we taking lessons from the Quran and Hadith? Or else what are we watching, listening, reading? Because our soul is the driver of our body… Only a well guided soul will take the body in the right direction.

Therefore never ever compromise on your regular dose of Quran and Hadith and never ever compromise on the quality as well as regularity of your salah, zikr and duas…

May Allah make us strong against our enemy and guide us to be steadfast upon the path of His pleasure… amen.


2 thoughts on “Shaitan… weak or strong? (part-2)

  1. aoa wr wb dear Shaheen,
    Superp job dear friend!!…..reading through it I was amazed because of the effect it was having on me. It re-ingrained in me the power of sincere Dawa’h; even these things that I have heard countless of times before, hold the same yet new effect whenever reminded of again….I think we can never be reminded of it enough….so Alhamdulillah for people like you 🙂
    love n duas.

    • May Allah help me to act on what I write… ameen
      your words really encouraged me and alhamdulillah I have written the episode-3… I pray that Allah might forgive my errors and make it beneficial for us all… ameen

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