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A friend of mine who works as a counselor asked me some tips to share with her clients. I recommended to her the following article which I had written a few years ago… thought to reblog it incase someone else needs this too!

The Seekers Path

Sometimes there are differences between family members but if we are not careful then these minor differences can become issues which then lead to a lot of resentment and anger… even hatred. The best thing that the devil loves to do is to break your relationships so that when you are totally cut off from love and support of family and friends then he can easily take you far away from Allah and His love and obedience. It is so easy to get depressed and hopeless when your loved ones start making life difficult for you but obviously getting depressed is not a solution.  So what should you do if things have got messed up and you feel alone and helpless? This has become such a common thing nowadays that I thought of  listing down some practical steps under the title: “How to deal with difficult people”

1- Before saying anything to them first pray two rakah and “talk” to Allah.  Recall…

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