Always a Winner!!

A sister mailed me on help.guidance and asked me is there any solution for her depression which keeps making her lose hope? She was worried that because of her changing moods she was not doing any significant good deed that would make her successful in Akhirah. I wrote her the following reply and thought of sharing with everyone with the hope that maybe someone needs to hear this today!!

Dear sister… Assalamualaikum… yes there are problems but there are also solutions for every problem… 

when I was in school I had a passion for a certain series of mystery stories in which groups of kids would solve difficult cases and went through adventures and dangerous situations etc… anyway what I really enjoyed about those books was that the kids would always win at the end. And because I had this CONVICTION that they will be fine after all the highs and lows… so I loved to find out HOW will they get out of this difficulty or that danger… I was never afraid that they will be finished… because I knew they will be the winners so even if they went through tremendous pain or problem, it didn’t bother me because I knew it was just temporary…

But why am I telling you all of this childish stuff?

Well you see that the life of the believer is also like this:):) He is a born winner… but the only thing is HOW??

don’t you remember the Hadith of the Prophet (s.a.w) in which he said that the case of the believer is so amazing and it is only for the believer… that if he gets something good he gives thanks and collects reward and if he gets something bad he does sabr and collects rewards… so there is no loss for him at all:)

If people do bad they fill their own book and if you keep doing good for them then it is a victory which you should be really happy about.

Really if you want my advice just spend some time in learning the translation and tafseer of the Quran… whether weekly or daily… you know why? Because it open the knots of the mind and heart and you get immense peace and sukoon being with the book of Allah

Anyway I also got to read a wonderful article on the following link… really opened my eyes to the value of life

hope you enjoy it

and don’t worry we are all on the way of knowledge and on the way we keep making mistakes and get depressed… but then Allah hears our cries and pulls us back on our feet.

Keep thanking him and you will see that things will begin to get better because he has promised that if you thank me I will definitely give you more.

Here is the link and Allah Hafiz…. and lots of duas and love:)


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