Sleep and sleeplessness (episode-10)

If for some reason you have difficulty going to sleep, try the following tips:

1- Take a cup of hot milk and add one teaspoon almond oil… this is a wonderful remedy to calm your nerves helping you to feel comfortable and sleepy. If you don’t have almond oil then even plain milk is good.

2- Avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolates and other junk food before bedtime as it disturbs your system and makes you restless and uneasy. Also avoid having dinner shortly before bedtime. The best time for the meal is between Maghrib and Isha prayer. Remember to take a little walk after dinner for better digestion.

3- Reading a good book in bed is the best therapy for a good sleep.

4- Take care of the environment of your room. It should be un-cluttered, quiet, dark and smelling nice and fresh.

5- Make sure your pillow and mattress is of suitable thickness and firmness.

6- Massaging your feet can take away the restlessness.

7- Taking a shower is a good idea, especially in the summers.

8- A hot bath in the winters is also highly recommended for a deep restful sleep.

9- Make your heart peaceful by remembering and feeling grateful for all the favours which Allah blessed you with during the day.

10- Also release all the negativity from your heart by forgiving all those who hurt you during the day… and also ask Allah to forgive you for all the mistakes you made. This will surely make you peaceful and comfortable and you will fall asleep with a clean heart.


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