Alhamdulillah I have put up a new page titled Fiqh-ul-Qulub, in which I have compiled all the thoughts and reflections which I have written about this book so far. This amazing book has really made me see myself as I had never seen before and I hope that others might also benefit from this treasure of knowledge and inspiration… in-sha-Allah.


3 thoughts on “Fiqh-ul-Qulub

  1. assalaamu alaikum

    my name is farheen. i came across your blog recently and i really liked your thoughts and your journey. I am from india. this ramdhaan, i.e 4 months back, alhamdulillah, i truly got guidance and i feel blessed. but i feel like i am not doing any great work. can you plz tell me your worship schedule like what zikr you do per day, how much quran you read per day, how many nafil fasts you do, how many rakaath you pray in 5 daily prayers i.e sunnah rakaths etc. at least give me some idea. i am unmarried and 30 yrs old. i take care of my mother. so i dont get a lot of time, yet i try to do my best. i just want someone to share it with me. i was actually working as a faculty in an co education engineering college. but i took 2 months leave to take care of my mother. hope you will rleply.


    • Dear Rabia… assalamualaikum w r b
      Yes I have replied to your sister but please stay in touch with her because she is quite upset. May Allah help her… ameen

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