Since the day I got the answer from the sun shining behind the clouds I take my walk as my special time alone with Allah… alone because there is no one on the track in the afternoon except me…

So the result is that this activity which I used to think as so difficult… has become a pleasure which I look forward to.

This afternoon when I went out, Allah gave me a surprise treat!!

It was extra beautiful with the cool breeze and the bright sun… soon I realized I was not alone… a small boy of about 6 or 7 was on the other side trying to open the door in the fence around the track. I was worried for him to step out of the security of the fence so I crossed the track and walked briskly to catch up with him… as I approached near him, he started to walk the other way… but I called him by saying a loud and hearty ASSALAMUALIKUM!!!! He looked surprised but stopped and said wa alaikum assalam…

“what’s your name baita?”

“Kiran” ….now it was my turn to be surprised… “what!! are you a girl?” and she nodded her head:)

Well I started walking with her and asked her about her school and other things… she seemed so sweet and innocent, and I love talking to children anyway…

I asked her why she was opening the gate? and she told me she just wanted to go out of the track to see what was on the other side… and then she confessed that her mother had told her many times not to go out. So I said why were you not doing as she had said… maybe because she was not looking at her? But surely Allah is looking… so I asked her:

“kiran do you think Allah can see you?” she said yes and he can also listen.

so I asked her what else does Allah do?

She said He gives “sawab”… I asked when does he give that?

she said when you do something good. So I asked her how do we know what is good?

she said He has sent the Quran and from there we can see what is good and what is not.

I was amazed at her knowledge and was smiling at her when she gave me another surprise: Aunty you know I have memorized the Quran!!

What?… you know it all?

But where did you learn it? she said from Alhuda… in the summer vacations!!

Suddenly I felt like I was in a new world where people actually sent their small children to learn Quran… abslutely amazing in our environment…

So I said what is your favourite Surah?

And she said Ar-Rahman…

So I said will you recite it for me?

By this time we had made two whole rounds of the track without me feeling even a bit of fatigue… (where had my stiff shoulders and sore toes gone???)

So we sat on a bench and she recited the first few ayaat (which I recorded in my phone…)

I felt Like I was hearing them for the first time…. a seven year old girl reciting so beautifully and clearly… the way she was concentrating and putting in her serious effort to pronounce the “ain” just made me want to hug her with joy….

And then she ran off leaving me spell bound that Allah’s believers are still living among us… although apparently it seems as if there is no one who remembers him…

And I also felt so grateful that there are places like alhuda where children like these can be nurtured into knowledgeable productive muslims.

May Allah take me there as well… ameen


4 thoughts on “Kiran…

    • JazakAllah khairan for your comment…
      the sweet thing is that we think we are teaching a child, while it is Allah who is teaching us through these little angels:)

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