ordinary or extraordinary

While setting goals in life we often dream of doing extaordinay things but the fact is that doing some small act of goodness on a regular basis is an extraordinary accomplishment in itself. Our Prophet (s.a.w) has also told us that the most beloved act in the sight of Allah is that which one does constantly and forever, no matter how small it appears.

Therefore whatever your dream is… no matter how huge it is… or how difficult it seems to achieve…

remember that it can be achieved by taking small steps constantly and forever. The step in itself can be very small but taking it regularly will make it beloved in Allah’s eyes and He will make it a huge success whenever He wants in whatever way He likes.

This is real Tawakkul that you do your bit and let Allah take care of the results.

So take out your journals and write all that you want to do… make passionate dua for each one of those dreams and make your intention Only to please Allah. Then write what little steps you can take daily?

make it so tiny that you cannot say no!

visualize Allah’s power and experience the pleasure of faith and trust in Him… as it fills your life with hope and energy… inshaAllah


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